Weight Plates

The Weight Plates are a must-have for anyone looking to take their strength training to the next level. The Olympic weight plates plates are designed to maximize comfort and control during your workouts, allowing you to perform a wide range of compound and isolated movements with ease. Made from durable, high-quality materials, these plates are built to last and can handle even the toughest workouts. The plates are available in different weights, from 2.5kg to 25kg, allowing you to choose the right weight for your fitness level and training goals. The plates are designed with a 2-inch or 1-inch centre hole that fits barbells and dumbbells, making them versatile and easy to use. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned weightlifter, these Weight Plates are a great investment in your fitness journey. With their superior quality and design, these plates will help you achieve your strength and conditioning goals faster and more effectively.